Podcast: Using AI to Reduce Denials — with Aidéo’s Marsha Diamond

Marsha Diamond, Director of Coding Solutions at Aidéo Technologies, is a seasoned professional in healthcare coding with 30+ years of experience. She joined This Week in Surgery Centers to discuss the impactful role of AI in healthcare — especially in coding and compliance. Here are a few things discussed: 

🤝 AI is Here to Help: AI is not here to replace coders but to augment their capabilities. It takes on more routine tasks, freeing up coders to handle more complex aspects that require human expertise. 

📈 Improvement in Denial Rates: AI’s consistency and accuracy have led to a 20-30% improvement in denials, giving coders more time to address the denials they need. 

🎯 Accuracy and Reliability: With a threshold set at 95% accuracy to align with Medicare standards, AI tools in coding have shown remarkable precision, further enhanced by continuous human oversight and auditing.

 👀 Primary Challenges: The integration of AI faces two primary challenges – IT integration and coder acceptance. Overcoming these requires education, proper support, and demonstrating AI as a collaborative tool rather than a replacement. 

The full episode is available above — or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube.