Gemini AI Coding Platform

Empower and complement medical coders with workflow efficiencies, artificial intelligence, and supplemental services to create scalable and repeatable coding efficiencies.

AI Coding Platform

The AI Coding Platform is a streamlined workflow tool that combines essential clinical information into a user-friendly dashboard with all client information displayed in a single view.

• Eliminates the disruption and inefficiency of working in multiple systems.
• Automatically assigns CPT and ICD modifiers, as well as MIPS codes to clinical records and dictated reports.
• Saves your team time at task (TAT) by validating AI-returned codes vs. starting from scratch.
• Drives operational efficiency, resulting in repeatable and scalable performance.

Writing codes and typing data code technology, Two professional programmer cooperating working on web site project in a software developing on desktop computer at company.

Autonomous Coding

Gemini leverages AI to deliver the latest in advanced autonomous coding capabilities. The platform leverages advanced AI and ML algorithms to continuously assemble, catalog, and codify certified coder expertise.

• Improves coding quality and efficiency.
• Empowers coders with predicted codes cutting TAT by more than 50%.
• Assembles catalogs and codifies certified coder expertise.
• Uses NLP to interpret structured and unstructured data.

Analytics Suite

Aidéo’s exclusive licensing agreement to integrate the AAPC Evaluation and Management Coding Calculator means the platform yields cutting-edge insights curated by the AAPC Audit Services Team, including:

• Latest E/M codes
• Time-based coding guidelines
• MDM definitions
• Shared or split services details
• E/M code tables
• MDM calculation guide

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