Data Scientist

Location: Flexible


  • Participate in building cutting edge application of machine intelligence and developing Large Scale Machine Learning infrastructure that powers our internal models (Apache Spark or other parallel programming frameworks)
  • Collaborate with domain experts to implement and add features to our predictive platform that perform cleansing, data normalization, feature engineering, statistical analysis to large incoming data
  • Develop tools, processes, and metrics to help build high-quality resources for use in clinical space. retrieve, organize and analyze various forms of data sets to produce actionable
  • Strong algorithmic and programming skills with proven knowledge of data structures, algorithm design, problem-solving, and complexity analysis
  • Investigate and resolve the issue in software and predictive algorithm
  • Work with teams across various domains to adopt their frameworks and technologies whenever appropriate and contribute back whenever



  • 3+ years’ experience as data scientist
  • 1+ years of either deep learning or natural language
  • Strong foundation of statistical inference (i.e. hypothesis testing) and machine learning
  • Solid algorithmic and programming skills with proven knowledge of data structures
  • Good command of the Python language, data structures and scientific libraries (Numpy, SciPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotli, …)
  • Experience writing SQL queries
  • Ability to create, maintain and test reusable data pipelines for training, validation
  • Experience deploying models over CPU and GPU environment


Nice to have:

  • Experience with Apache Spark, PySpark
  • Deep learning frameworks: Pytorch, Tensor flow, MxNet, Caffe,…
  • Understanding of reinforcement learning (MAB, Policies, …)
  • Knowledge of Java or
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