Aidéo Technologies and Shareable Forms Announce Joint Partnership to Align Complimentary Technologies and Streamline Revenue Cycle Processes For Healthcare Providers


• Companies will integrate technologies to extend capabilities along the healthcare revenue cycle.
• Shareable Forms can now offer customers the ability to streamline the mid-revenue cycle process with AI-driven medical coding productivity tools using discreet data captured by the Shareable Forms application.
• The joint technology integration allows providers that are still using paper-based forms to convert to digital, accessible anywhere anytime formats that can then be automated through the medical coding process.


PALM BEACH, FL and ATLANTA, GA (MARCH 12, 2024) – Aidéo Technologies, a leading provider of AI-powered medical coding workflow productivity tools, and Shareable Forms, a leading provider of healthcare forms digitization, announced today a joint-partnership that integrates technologies for mutual customer benefit to further enhance the quality and streamline the process of provider reimbursement.

Shareable Forms assists healthcare providers by eliminating paper forms in the practice setting and providing a customizable framework for making the data those forms contain available electronically. This allows practices 24/7 real-time access to patient records, reporting capabilities and elimination of tedious data entry.

“We’re excited about extending the capabilities we can offer to our customers by integrating with Aideo’s medical coding solutions,” said Holly O’Hare, CEO of Shareable Forms. “Our customers will now have the opportunity to utilize the data we compile for them to automate the medical coding process and eliminate downstream roadblocks that delay or hamper reimbursement.”

Aidéo’s Gemini Solutions Suite™ empowers medical coders through the combination of Gemini Coder Portal™ and Gemini AutoCode™ solutions. The combination of the Aidéo portal and AI-driven coding allows medical coders to concentrate on higher value, complex coding as the AI learns and processes routine coding tasks. The Aideo AI solution leverage Natural Language Process (NLP), Machine Learning and Generative AI to ingest clinical data and map language to ICD-10 and CPT codes in both a fully automated and decision support manner.

“Shareable Forms’ solution goes beyond scanning paper forms to truly create a working environment that improves patient care, reduces duplicate data entry and makes data actionable,” said David Shelton, CEO of Aidéo. “We’re pleased to partner with such a high-quality healthcare technology provider and look forward to combining our solutions to assist in streamlining payment for provider services.”

About Shareable Forms
Shareable Forms is an iPad-based clinical documentation application that specializes in streamlining and maximizing workflow in your healthcare facility by replacing the use of paper charts. We take a center’s paper forms (consents, preop, intraop, anesthesia, postop, etc.) and convert them to a live, electronic format that allows for dynamic documenting that still feels and looks like your current forms. Our application ensures a center’s clinical data is complete and legible, eliminates redundant data entry, allows for signing forms in mass and offers easy to build, custom templates.

About Aidéo Technologies
Aidéo Technologies is a leading provider of AI-powered medical coding productivity solutions to the revenue cycle management industry. Creating scalable and repeatable coding efficiency, Aidéo Technologies’ Gemini Solution Suite empowers and complements medical coders with workflow efficiencies, artificial intelligence, and supplemental coding services. The Gemini Coder Platform™, Gemini AutoCode™, and Gemini Full Service™ solutions are optimized to work together for maximum impact in creating efficiency and improving accuracy through workflow improvements and autonomous and predictive coding. Aidéo is headquartered in Palm Beach, FL with locations in the San Francisco Bay area and Mumbai, India.

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