Release of Version 2.8.2 Marks Significant Gains in Day-To-Day End User Coder Productivity

Jan. 19, 2023 | Source: Aidéo Technologies

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Aidéo Technologies – a leader in AI-enabled automation technology for the healthcare industry – announced today the release of Version 2.8.2 of the Gemini Coding Platform.

The Gemini Coding Platform, designed for coders by coders, is a complementary workflow platform to the company’s Gemini Autonomous Coding Factory artificial intelligence coding engine. Aidéo customers leverage the Gemini Coding Platform for efficiency and productivity gains for medical encounters that require manual intervention and/or human validation. Each interaction on the platform continues to inform the machine learning in the Gemini Coding Factory and grow Aidéo’s autonomous coding capabilities.

“Our novel approach to autonomous coding leveraging both a workflow platform and our proprietary coding factory framework is one of the things that sets Aidéo apart from what is becoming a crowded autonomous coding marketplace,” said David Shelton, CEO, Aidéo Technologies. “The other thing that is unique about Aidéo is that we collect and implement input and advice from our customers, to add to the development and evolution of our platform product and our coding factory. Working with and listening to our customers’ expertise is a hallmark of our product development approach.”

The latest version of the Gemini Coding Platform includes enhancements around coder productivity dashboards, transaction logs, enhanced rules editing, enhanced chart comparison and a streamlined keyword search engine. These features, developed in conjunction with customer requests, are creating immediate productivity gains in production for Aidéo customers.

“Aidéo has been so good at taking our feedback and incorporating it into the product to create efficiency,” said Liberty McMakin of Catalyst Billing Solutions. “I haven’t seen another system with a dashboard like this, it’s so easy to see where our productivity is at and where my coders are at on a daily basis. With the increased productivity we get from Gemini, I’ve been able to have my coders spend more time working on denials and order verification.”

The Gemini Platform v2.8.21 Release includes the following features:

• Productivity Dashboards – Introduction of real-time productivity dashboards for monitoring coding productivity, SLAs and load balancing of team members.

• Transaction Logs – New Transaction Logs screen introduces following enhancements for a more intuitive user experience:
— Ingestion Start and End Time with duration to monitor the time taken for processing encounters in a batch
— Simplified file statuses to track the progress of ingestion.
— A new Reconciliation column will indicate a non-zero count in case any encounters could not be ingested into the system.

• Enhanced Rules Editing – With appropriate permissions, users may now edit a rule in any status- Approved, Pending, Inactive, or Rejected to fix errors or make updates. Additionally, users now have the ability to add a location to rules for further flexibility.

• Enhanced Chart Comparison – With this enhancement, users will see the associated charts arranged on the work screen in the order of Date of Service. Moreover, up to 10 charts will be available on the work screen at a time.

• Keyword Search Engine – Search experience is enhanced in the application with search term highlighting feature. The keyword used for searching the value will be highlighted in the matching results for quickly identifying relevant values.

About Aidéo

Aidéo provides autonomous coding to the revenue cycle management industry through its Gemini™ system, which includes the Gemini Coding Platform™, Gemini Autonomous Coding Factory™ and Coding Assist service. Aidéo’s proprietary factory approach to autonomous coding creates a single recipe for building and training an autonomous coding model across multiple specialties that creates a basis for continuous scaling and rapid expansion into new specialties.



Tim Jones, Chief Revenue Officer