Aidéo Technologies™, a Leading Provider of AI-Powered Medical Coding Workflow Productivity Tools, Announces Record Growth for Fiscal Year 2023


Significant advancements in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for medical coding, specifically the integration of Large Language Models into the Gemini AutoCode™ solution along with enhancements to the Gemini Coder Platform™ fuels customer and partner expansion across multiple medical specialties.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Jan. 9, 2024 — Aidéo Technologies, a leading provider of AI-powered medical coding workflow productivity tools, announced today the achievement of banner growth in sales, data science and IT technology development for 2023.

During 2023, Aidéo integrated Large Language Models (LLMs) with its existing Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to deploy and deliver Generative AI to the medical coding market. Along with customer-driven technology advancements to the Gemini Coder Platform, Aidéo deepened customer and partner relationships in the radiology, ambulatory surgical centers and emergency markets while fueling new growth into anesthesia, and urgent care and E/M (evaluation and management) coding for practice management settings.

“2023 was an important year in the evolution of Aidéo,” said Raj Alva, Aidéo Chairman of the Board. “Integrating LLMs into our data science tech stack was a key advancement in bringing Generative AI to our solution. The revenue cycle expertise that our team leverages along with the technology we’ve developed is the combination that the medical coding marketing is seeking and we’re looking forward to continuing our growth into 2024 and beyond.”

Generative AI will allow Aidéo to continue to increase its pace of innovation by decreasing the amount of time to onboard new medical specialties, increasing the speed and frequency of model growth, and the ability to mitigate AI hallucinations and model drift.

“I’m pleased with the progress our team has made over the last year,” said David Shelton, CEO of Aidéo. “The impact we’ve had with both our AI capabilities and the improvement we bring to medical coding operations has been substantial and well received. We are well poised to continue our growth trajectory.”

Aidéo’s Gemini Solutions Suite™ empowers medical coders through the combination of the Gemini Coder Platform™ and Gemini AutoCode™ solutions. The combination of the Aidéo platform and AI-driven coding allows for a collaboration between human medical coders and AI to continue to accelerate autonomous coding capabilities that drive cost reductions and productivity gains.

Aidéo Technologies

Aidéo Technologies is a leading provider of AI-powered medical coding productivity solutions to the revenue cycle management industry. Creating scalable and repeatable coding efficiency, Aidéo Technologies’ Gemini Solution Suite empowers and complements medical coders with workflow efficiencies, artificial intelligence, and supplemental coding services. The Gemini Coder Platform™, Gemini AutoCode™, and Gemini Coding Assist™ solutions are optimized to work together for maximum impact in creating efficiency and improving accuracy through workflow improvements and autonomous and predictive coding. Aidéo is headquartered in Palm Beach, FL with locations in the San Francisco Bay area and Mumbai, India.