Aidéo Technologies™ and MedEvolve, Inc. Announce Partnership to Bring AI-Powered Coding and Revenue Cycle Workflow Automation to Healthcare Organizations

• MedEvolve to integrate Aidéo’s AI-Driven Gemini Coder Platform to further extend the automation and impact of the award-winning Effective Intelligence Platform for Revenue Cycle Management Automation
• MedEvolve will also utilize both the Gemini Coder Platform and Gemini AutoCode solutions to streamline coding operations and create additional capacity for growth within its Medical Billing Services Division
• The partnership agreement further names MedEvolve as an authorized reseller of the Gemini AutoCode and Gemini Coder Platform products

technology artificial intelligence AI deep learning for medical research Changes in Innovation and Technology for Health in the Future. PALM BEACH, Fla., and LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Jan. 23, 2024)Aidéo Technologies, a leading provider of AI-powered medical coding workflow productivity tools, and MedEvolve, a leading provider of data-driven solutions that provide effective intelligence, automation, and accountability for healthcare organizations, today announced a partnership to integrate Aidéo’s Gemini Coder Platform and Gemini AutoCode solutions with MedEvolve’s award-winning Effective Intelligence suite of solutions.

As part of the agreement, MedEvolve will also begin utilizing the Gemini Coder Platform and AutoCode products within its Revenue Cycle Services division, which provides a full suite of revenue cycle management (RCM) services to more than 50 provider organizations. The addition of the Gemini platform will assist MedEvolve in further streamlining coding operations and creating additional capacity for growth in the service line.

“Medical coding is a critical function of the revenue cycle, but it tends to be a very manual and error-prone process.  Staffing shortages, ever evolving complexities, and outdated workflows conspire to drive up costs for providers and create barriers to payment,” said Matt Rolfes, CEO and President of MedEvolve. “We’re excited to add Aidéo’s coding automation platform and AI technology to our existing suite of Effective Intelligence solutions to offer additional opportunity to reduce the amount of manual work effort and touches required in the revenue cycle for both our internal operations and our customers.”

MedEvolve will also become a certified reseller of the Aidéo platform. With the integration of Gemini AutoCode and Coder Platform into the Effective Intelligence workflows, MedEvolve’s existing and new customers will have the opportunity to benefit from advanced medical coding workflows and generative AI-powered autonomous coding. “We found MedEvolve to be a hand-in-glove fit with our organization from technology to people to our outlook on the evolution of the RCM industry,” said David Shelton, CEO of Aidéo. “The synergies of this partnership will allow us to bring tremendous value to our shared customers as we work together to further automate the process of getting providers reimbursed in an efficient and equitable manner.”

Aidéo’s Gemini Solutions Suite™ empowers medical coders through the combination of the Gemini Coder Platform™ and Gemini AutoCode™ solutions. The combination of the Aidéo platform and AI-driven coding allows for a collaboration between human medical coders and generative AI to continue to accelerate autonomous coding capabilities that drive cost reductions and productivity gains.

About Aidéo Technologies

Aidéo Technologies is a leading provider of AI-powered medical coding productivity solutions to the revenue cycle management industry.  Creating scalable and repeatable coding efficiency, Aidéo Technologies’ Gemini Solution Suite empowers and complements medical coders with workflow efficiencies, artificial intelligence, and supplemental coding services. The Gemini Coder Platform™, Gemini AutoCode™, and Gemini Coding Assist™ solutions are optimized to work together for maximum impact in creating efficiency and improving accuracy through workflow improvements and autonomous and predictive coding. Aidéo is headquartered in Palm Beach, FL with locations in the San Francisco Bay area and Mumbai, India.

About MedEvolve

MedEvolve empowers healthcare organizations with award-winning Effective Intelligence (Ei) solutions. MedEvolve’s Ei solutions include workforce automation and intelligent analytics designed to optimize the entire revenue cycle process from financial clearance to medical billing. These solutions reduce manual work effort and ensure maximum efficiency with complete oversight and reporting on every step. MedEvolve integrates with any PM/EHR system providing unmatched transparency, automation and accountability in the revenue cycle. Additionally, effective intelligence solutions enable a remote workforce with task management, performance tracking and virtual communication tools. Increase margin, improve net collection rate and reduce overhead costs with effective intelligence from MedEvolve.