Advantum Health, A Leading Technology-Enabled Revenue Cycle Management Provider to Physicians, Hospitals and Health Systems, Chooses Aidéo Technologies’ Gemini Coder Platform and Gemini AutoCode Solutions to Streamline Coding Operations and Create Capacity for Growth


Aidéo will integrate with the Advantum Ai suite of applications providing autonomous coding, a key lynchpin for delivering full Revenue Cycle Automation for Advantum’s end users and clients.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Dec. 19, 2023 — Aidéo Technologies, a leading provider of AI-powered medical coding workflow productivity tools, announced today that Advantum Health, a premier technology-enabled Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) provider to physicians, hospitals and health systems, has chosen the Gemini Solutions Suite to integrate into the Advantum Ai RCM solution set.

The partnership will allow Advantum to leverage Aidéo’s industry leading Gemini Coder Platform and Gemini Autocode solutions to empower its coding team, streamline operations and create additional capacity for operational growth.

“We’re very excited to partner with Aidéo for autonomous coding,” said Tammy Taylor, CEO of Advantum. “The unique proposition of the Gemini Coder platform combined with true AI coding capabilities was unlike anything else we evaluated when looking for a partner to integrate into Advantum Ai. Additionally, the RCM expertise the Aidéo team brings to the table alongside their technology was impressive.”

Aidéo’s Gemini Solutions Suite™ empowers medical coders through the combination of Gemini Coder Platform™ and Gemini AutoCode™ solutions. The combination of the Aidéo platform and AI-driven coding allows medical coders to concentrate on higher value, complex coding as the AI learns and processes routine coding tasks. In addition to direct to claim autonomous codes, Aidéo also delivers predicted codes, further empowering coders with decision support that reduces time at task by as much as 50%.

“We’re grateful to be partnered with such a high-quality RCM provider as Advantum Health,” said David Shelton, CEO of Aidéo. “The reach that Advantum has into the hospital, physician and health system market allows us to add value across a number of medical specialties.”

Founded by veteran revenue cycle management and healthcare technology experts, Advantum delivers end-to-end, tech-supported revenue cycle management services nationwide. The company is laser-focused on providers, serving as a one-stop shop to deliver trustworthy, comprehensive solutions. With more than 20 years in operation, Advantum Health is a leading authority on RCM optimization, committed to processing claims rapidly and accurately, decreasing denial incidents, easing labor and IT costs and identifying revenue opportunities for clients.

“Medical coding is a complex, time consuming part of revenue cycle,” added Taylor. “The opportunity to automate a portion of this task while also empowering our human coders to improve productivity and quality will help fuel our growth in 2024 and beyond.”

About Advantum Health

Advantum Health, powered by Advantum Ai and EVE technology, is an industry-leading practice revenue management authority, delivering comprehensive solutions for revenue cycle optimization, including billing, coding, focused follow-up, credentialing, authorizations, eligibility and auditing. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Advantum’s global team of experts is over 600 strong, and the company is powering rapid growth fueled both organically and through acquisitions. Learn more at

About Aidéo Technologies

Aidéo Technologies is a leading provider of AI-powered medical coding productivity solutions to the revenue cycle management industry. Creating scalable and repeatable coding efficiency, Aidéo Technologies’ Gemini Solution Suite empowers and complements medical coders with workflow efficiencies, artificial intelligence, and supplemental coding services. The Gemini Coder Platform™, Gemini AutoCode™, and Gemini Coding Assist™ solutions are optimized to work together for maximum impact in creating efficiency and improving accuracy through workflow improvements and autonomous and predictive coding. Aidéo is headquartered in Palm Beach, FL with locations in the San Francisco Bay area and Mumbai, India.