Contact Tracing SOLUTIONS

Advanced Contact Tracing Software for Today's Complex Public Health Crisis

See how our contact tracing application solves the obstacles to successful large scale and high-volume tracing.


Reduce community transmission of COVID-19 with an application designed for large-scale contact tracing.

Hundreds of new employees with limited training.  Thousands of new cases each day that need contacting immediately.   A distributed, work-from-home labor force with open access to extremely sensitive personal information.  A public who’s economic and personal well-being rely on your organization to help stem the spread of COVID-19.  These are work flow issues never encountered in the realm of contact tracing, and legacy systems and tools will not solve today’s complex contact tracing problems.

EmbraceCT is designed to allow organizations to rapidly scale up a successful contact tracing program, protect individual privacy, deliver a meaningful reduction in the community spread of COVID-19, and provide insightful analytics into staffing, productivity, and measuring success in slowing the infection rate .


Rapidly onboard new staff using guided workflow and customer-designed protocols.


Learn more about guided workflow and protocols to get new employees productive now.
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Monitor progress and backlogs with our sophisticated management tools.


See how to manage and measure agent productivty and effectiveness.
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Protect personal privacy with complete confidence.


Learn how EmbraceCT protects the privacy of persons under investigation.
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Powerful Dashboards Track Your Contact Tracing Success

Get answers to important questions such as work load backlogs, the effectiveness of contact tracing efforts in reducing the transmission of COVID-19, staffing requirements, and the success of reaching affected persons, all in one place and updated on a real-time basis.


The only thing worse than being behind in contact tracing is not knowing you're behind.


Monitor the effectiveness in contract tracing efforts in slowing the community spread.

Boost your contact tracing results

Aidéo Technologies’ EmbraceCT platform is designed to overcome the four major obstacles to creating a successful large scale contact tracing program: onboarding hundreds of new investigators, work flow management, individual privacy, and data security.

  EmbraceCT automatically routes newly reported cases based on each investigator’s current workload and efficiency.  Traces are  distributed between different agents to protect privacy.  Customer-defined protocols and telephone scripts make new hires immediately productive.