Data Scientist

Location: Pleasanton, California


The Data Scientist is responsible for working with our data science and data engineering teams to develop AI and machine-learinging algorithms to support the Company’s product roadmap and growth strategies.



Work with data engineers to define data collection/reporting requirements, engineering metrics, and aggregates for analysis, ETLs, and automate data pipelines to scale experimentation.

    • Explore existing Structured and Unstructured data and recommend additional sources of data for improvements
    • Improve the products with innovative ideas driven by customer feedback; work with the product development & Engineering team to incorporate the input into the platforms.
    • Own all stages of Machine Learning model development: problem definition, assessment of data quality, data science research, productionisation, documentation, and ongoing customer support
    • Apply cutting-edge data science techniques to medical coding prediction in Radiology, Surgical and Evaluation, and Management
    • Explore, examine, and interpret large volumes of data in various formats
    • Develop, validate, and execute Machine Learning/Deep Learning/ Natural Language Processing algorithms and predictive models to investigate problems, detect patterns and recommend solutions
    • Utilizing advanced statistical techniques and mathematical analyses
    • Perform quantitative Text analysis and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers and understand what can improve internal and external processes.
    • Design and Implement End to End Machine Learning Pipelines for Active Machine Learning on AWS and PostgreSQL
    • Develop and maintain the necessary infrastructure to run and support the algorithms.
    • Ensuring Version Control of Input/Output data on S3 RDS with PostgreSQL
    • Providing Version Control of programming scripts, Machine Learning Models, and config with GIT
    • Improve the run-time of existing ML algorithms
    • Develop a feedback system to improve the selection of features for the ML algorithms
    • Advocate data-driven decision-making throughout the organization
    • Stay familiar with the Data Science field and apply state-of-the-art Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing techniques to our domain problems in medical auto coding
    • Identify root causes and solve any bugs or quality escapes in Production
    • Translate analysis results into business recommendations
    • Research, design, and develop core business metrics, create insightful automated dashboards and data visualization with Tableau to track them and extract valuable business insights
    • Craft compelling stories; make logical recommendations; drive informed actions.
    • Explaining complex model-related concepts in simple terms to non-technical internal and external audiences



  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems
  • Environment – Office or remote office environment, with minimum travel
  • Physical Requirements – Sitting, standing, walking, and using keyboard, mouse, computer and telephone.